The Dossier

Some Time in France

Normandy's not as bad as Paris

Cherbourg is a port city on the north coast of the Cotentin Peninsula, in northwestern Normandy. Site of a siege after the OVERLORD invasion of 1944, the port has been rebuilt and now facilitates both tourism and maritime business, including fishing and some ship construction. There isn't much in the way of research libraries or universities, but there are some medieval historical sites.

Upon arriving and getting set up in one of the marinas, getting provisions for the boat and food for the team, I assume that each of you would fan through your usual range of emails, phone numbers, and other 'conduits of contact' with folks in your networks. Below, in Player Secrets, is information for some of you.


FYI If anyone needs a translator while we’re here, Aoife speaks French.

Some Time in France

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