The Dossier

Compromised Inside the NHS Facility

with only moments to act

"Shit!" exclaimed Aoife as she watched the group of goons move smartly through the gate and pick up their pace towards the core of the compound, some 60 meters away. The black van blocked part of their view at street level into the area, although the camera Krish was monitoring provided some view of them moving towards the trees, and presumably the three-story Victorian-era building at the center of the compound. Laxton had eyes on the scene immediately and considered getting out and assembling his rifle. Sitting across the street and sipping what was becoming sour, tepid coffee in the cool October air, Asa pocketed his phone and stood, moving quickly toward the sidewalk, and the facility's front gate on the opposite side of the somewhat busy street. Meanwhile, Bart and Nisa wandered the second floor of the old building, looking into a series of offices and labs, some of which were protected by key card access doors. Was Dr. Seward's old office up here somewhere? They made pleasant small talk with some of the researchers and others up there and tried to put their backs to as many of the few security cameras in the halls. - How does the group handle the situation?


Meta: I decided to push this forward a bit…we can make this work.


“What the crap? That was fast.” Bart is shocked they were found out so quickly – their covers seemed to secure. Bart always assumes the enemy is smarter and better prepared, which is clearly true here.

Remembering that Krish was able to hack completely into the facility’s network, Bart doesn’t worry much about getting any computer-based information, and in the moments he and Nisa have on hand the two decide to try and find some evidence of Dr. Seward’s work. As the two rush to the stairs from the second to first floor, Bart notices a few old photographs, presenting something of a history of the building, dating back to its Victorian roots. As he rounds a corner he sees a somewhat hazy sepia-tone picture of the same hall, albeit with a sign hanging next to a nearby door, reading “Dr. John Seward.” The room is currently the rabies lab, the door to which is closed, and like so many others in the facility, has a small vertical window in it. The lights are off.

Given the locations of hallway security cameras, in the form of multidirectional black bubbles at all hall junctions, there is little room to place any hidden cameras without being seen doing so. And time is short, with the team of goons visible from an upstairs window and moving at a quick stride toward the building – they will be in the lobby in 10 second or so.

Nisa, knowing that she has parts of extra quick-change disguise materials to change her look enough to distract, looks up at Bart from the landing between the first and second floors.

“I’ll get them off your tail – you check that room!” she orders, tearing at his jacket and wig with one hand while pulling a hijab out of her purse before bounding down the stairs as she fixes the head cover over her hair and shoulders.

Bart acts without further thought and runs an key access card across the reader next to the rabies lab’s door, thankful that he purloined it from Dr. Foringham, their friendly tour guide from a bit earlier. Bursting into the room, he closes the door and pulls out a blue-tipped LED pen light, and begins looking for anything in the quiet lab that might indicate something left from ages before.


“Krish, how about a little distraction?” Seconds later, the fire alarms start blaring. “Good choice, people leaving the building in a hurry seems pretty reasonable.”

Bart entered the “Rabies Lab,” hoping it had something we could use. He found some slightly dusty diagnostic equipment, generic medical supplies…and in the back of the room a beautiful old roll-top desk and filing cabinet, both antique wood, and a fine, old leather padded desk chair. Bart loved the furniture, but was surprised they were not dusty, and in fact show some signs of recent use. The filing cabinet, three drawers high, is locked, as is the rolled-down top of the desk. A quick tug and a kick and Bart pulled open the filing cabinet, in which are really old files, full of reports. Using his knowledge of medicine and the usual way that such files are arranged – by patient, by topic, and so on – Bart quickly scans the three drawers and notices two files of interest: a patient jacket with the name “R. M. Renfield” on the tab, and another labelled “Serum Phase 1.” He grabbed them, turned, and pondered his next move.

He switched out his reversible jacket and threw the files in a gym bag that was slung over his shoulders that was hidden under the jacket. Put on a blond wig and glasses, to at least look a little different on the way out.

He heard some talking in the hallway over the sirens and ducked behind some tables. The door opened, and a moment later closed and went on to the next door in the hallway. Just checking to make sure everyone gets out for the fire alarm, apparently. The next guy that came down here would not be so nice.

Over at the window, Bart sees some shrubs below and just past those, some grass, tress and a few employee picnic tables. Which is, unfortunately, where many are gathered. Sigh.

“Krish, could you get them to move from outside the window?” He knows my position from following the reports and video streams from the cameras. Moments later, the lawn sprinklers start up. With a general groan, the group starts moving away toward the street. I open the window, pop the screen, hop down and join them. I slow down to help a woman juggling a bagel, coffee and her purse, as I attempt to slide off the property. I thank Nisa for buying me the time to search and get out and hope she is okay.


The staff of the facility began pouring out of the front doors of the building just as the goon squad reached them, creating a momentary traffic jam, and slowing them down by a few moments. Security swept the building from top to bottom, ensuring that all rooms were empty. They’d do a headcount outside, or at least try.

Watching through the internal security cameras, Krish saw the goons reach the lobby and push past building security, and one of the men, a crop-haired, pale man of about 30, short and stocky, flash some credentials which sent the security guards off in another direction, back to handling crowd control. At the top of the stairs movement caught their attention, and a woman staggered slightly, then fell, tumbling down one flight to the lobby floor. Howling in Arabic she held her right knee and writhed on the floor, and called out for help in accented English.

The moment of confusion further slowed their progress, and movement off to case the building. One stayed in the lobby and approached her, standing watch a few steps away as she pleaded for help. Through the security camera Krish watched as he reached inside his jacket and pulled out a phone, glanced at it, then looked at the woman, now pathetically dragging herself toward him. With a quick movement he spoke into his left jacket cuff while pulling out a weapon with his right hand. A split second later he fired the taser at her, and then was on her, expertly securing her hands with some kind of cuffs.

Cursing their bad fortune, Krish described what he was seeing, as Aoife alternated between leaning over to see for herself and watching outside the car. Asa had dodged a few cars and was across the street and moving quickly down the sidewalk to the facility’s gate, and Laxton could plainly see the sprinklers come on, the further, confused movement of staff, and then the emergence of a single blond man from an upstairs window in one of the wings.

Within moments both Asa and Bart were on opposite sides of the gate, and live video showed two goons securing Nisa and dragging her out another door, to the north side of the building while the other four ran out of the lobby, presumably toward the front gate.


Asa, hearing what is going on over his ear piece comms, moves at a quick run around the compound to whatever side of the wall is closest to where the two goons have Nisa.

Hell advise his comrades what he’s up to as he runs. His intent is to rapidly scale the wall and use his jacket to cover the barbed wire as he maneuvers over the top. (Athletics 3)

Hoping to take advantage of the two goons distracted by Nisa’s struggles(MOS Infiltration) he’s going to produce the Glock 9mm hand gun from his waist band (preparedness 1)and screw the silencer on it as he approaches using the old Rowan trees to screen his approach and shoot them both quickly.(two point spend to each shot)(consider the above as tecno-thriller monologue for some refresh?)

If successful he’ll grab and free Nisa and either blend into the crowd or more likely take her back over the wall, screened by the trees, where he left his jacket on the barb wire atop it. Asa’s drive is comradeship, so he will stop at nothing and expend all his shooting, weapons and hand to hand to free her…

Meta Clarification

Those set up outside the compound are immediately SW of it. The buildings are just N of the center of the whole place, and the two goons took Nisa out to the north side of the buildings, near the other gate. Asa will have to run around half the compound’s perimeter, clockwise, from SW to just E of N (say, from 7 o’clock to 1 o’clock).

He hauls ass around the compound, being directed to where he thinks they are, given comms info. He attaches the silencer while running and arrives in time to see a black sedan turning swiftly out of the gate, with a few people in the back, barely visible through darkly-tinted windows. The vehicle is turning right (which is like our left to the Brits and their backwards traffic) and in motion as Asa is within firing range…will he pull the trigger in broad daylight with people on the sidewalk and traffic? The license plate, make, and model are clear enough from his 30m distance.


Asa will conceal the pistol and make mental note of the License plate as well as make and model. If he can grab some sort of transportation easily(scooter ideally, motorbike, bicycle or even running he will do his best to follow…with the idea of a rescue in mind later.


The car is a black BMW 3 Series, probably a 2017 or 2018 model. He gets the plate number before it zips away into traffic, and relays it to Krish.


Racing down the halls away from Bart, Nisa slips and ID card off the nearest evacuating person as she hurries away. As perilous as the situation, she’s feels that familiar rush of adrenaline that’d shed been missing: this was inevitably going to end badly but at least it’d fun. This would be their only chance, as slim as it was, to get at this place so she heads down to the basement in search of anything of value. She tumbles down the stairs into the dark, musty basement, gets out her penlight, and begins her search. She has a few minutes by her calculations to find anything, hide it, and try to get back upstairs. Her team can see everything she does through the glasses Aofie gave her. Her mind is a blur, going through rooms. glancing at filing cabinets and boxes until she finds what she hopes is useful and stashing it in a loose board under the stairs before climbing back up. Just as she thinks shes in the clear, she feels a familiar and horrifying sting in her knee.


Meta Retcon
Nisa was able to run down into the basement and look around some, providing at least some clue as to the layout of the place. She was caught there by two of the goons, who hit her with a stun dart and carried her upstairs, to the waiting vehicle on the north side of the compound, as described.


Nisa! NOOOOoooooooooooooo!


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